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May 2022

Spring is upon us and Summer is fast approaching!

And let me tell you, it is going to be a Summer to remember.

This year marks our 65th Summer in operation. Who would have ever guessed it? So much has changed in our 65 years history, and so much has changed since even last summer. Here are some of the biggest updates. First and foremost, we are excited to announce a change to our recruitment process for Program Staff. As we try to build and equip one of our top priorities is to create new leaders for the future. So this years we are running (May 14) "So You Want to Be a Cabin Leader." This one day event gives youth (ages 15 and up) and young adults the opportunity to learn and hear about what being a cabin leader is actually like before getting thrown into the deep end. They will also have the chance to learn what other opportunities to volunteer there are and how they can get more involved. New Cabin Leaders will also have the opportunity to speak with our camp directors and find the right mentor relationship to help them grow into the leaders we know they can be.

We are also planning our annual Memorial Day Work Weekend. I know what you're thinking, there is absolutely nothing new I can tell you about a weekend dedicated to yard work and cleaning. However, this is an extra special work weekend. This year we will be saying goodbye to our ranch property by baptizing one of our graduating campers on Sunday afternoon. This is one of the rare opportunities when we get to see what God has been doing in our community for the last 12 years. We are looking forward to sharing this amazing moment with you.

Memorial Day Work Weekend will also be dedicated to preparing our grounds for the summer. We are asking that everyone bring out plenty of yard tools (we highly recommend putting your name on them, just in case) and your enthusiasm for clearing brush from our trails and around the cabins. That doesn't mean that all we'll be doing is working. Every evening there will be a campfire in our beautiful courtyard and Saturday night will feature a special thank you dinner for our volunteers. This retreat has no cost but we will be accepting donations to help offset the cost of food and the Joy Shop will be operating full time, so bring out plenty of cash to pay for your lattes and Italian sodas. Space is limited to 30 people so, if you are interested in coming out, please send an email to

Perhaps what we have coming up though is not the most exciting news at Camp. Or not the news you are most interested in. What could possibly be more exciting than a baptism, our 65th summer in operation, and a steak dinner?

High speed internet.

That's right. If you remember the days of standing in the field holding your cell phone in the air in the hopes of making a call, you will be shocked to learn that our new lodge is now fully equipped with high speed internet. We still encourage our guests to set their phones and laptops aside because the point of being in nature is to be in nature, but if you are planning a retreat and want to have a movie night be part of it or absolutely have to answer that work email right this moment, we are now able to accommodate you. It is a brand new day.

That's what is coming up this month at camp. Stay tuned for more updates. We can't wait to see you.


Katie Daroff

Executive Director

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