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347 Kirkpatrick Rd

Hoquiam, WA 98550

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What does it mean to be a man who follows Jesus?   How do we listen for the voice that calls us “beloved” and talk back to the voices that limit us, shame us, and stereotype us?  This retreat invites us to worship together, to find strength in friendship, to confess the ways we miss the mark, and to move forward in grace.  We will also take time to play games, eat good food, and go to the beach.  Contact Gary Baits with questions: garybaits@gmail.com

Retreats for all ages and seasons.


Through out the year Camp Bethel sponsors many different retreats for campers of all ages and interests. Take a look at our current offerings and register online.

Spring YAR 
March 27-29

Coming Home  Within Myself... Tools For Transitioning

Yoga Retreat

March  6 - 8

The Spring Young Adult Retreat!

This is an opportunity for all of our young adults, cabin leaders, and "no longer youth" who love Camp Bethel to come out and enjoy being at camp with the friends you see all summer, without the stress of leading a cabin. 

We'll have a lot of fun, resting, playing games, and learning what it means to follow Christ. 


Cost is $85 per person. If you volunteered in a cabin or the kitchen for any sponsored programing either here at Bethel or one of our sister camps in 2019 or 2020, let us know when you register to get a discount.  


Directed by Brandy and Mark Patrenets. 

In this weekend retreat we will discover the self-care of Awareness Through Movement practice.  In four movement sessions throughout the weekend we will explore ways to move with more of the whole of ourselves, with less effort and more ease.  The ability to transition from place to place with ease often requires us to transverse unfamiliar territory within ourselves.  You will discover strategies and tools that make the journey not just easier, but also more enjoyable.  Your most useful tool is curiosity and accessing your innate design for learning.


About Jennifer:

Jennifer's work often centers around helping people 'be with' the difficult so they can integrate those experiences and be more open to receive the joy in life.   In each of her classes she guides students through a series of functional movements, tuning your attention to how you move and how you sense yourself in space.  If you can improve the quality of your movement, you will improve the quality of your life.  She has great passion for practicing and empowering self-care.  After many years on her own healing journey, she understands deeply how the body, mind, emotions and spirit are intimately connected.  She believes through self-awareness we can quiet our minds, feel our emotions, and still our bodies, which enables us to find choice in life.   As your teacher you can expect her to guide and give from the heart.  She is patient, intuitive, thoughtful, encouraging and open.   She will meet you where you are and hold space for you to feel inside and connect with your own body and spirit.  She loves people and she loves assisting people to grow and break free from their pasts.  Her goal is to uncover the beautiful light in each person she works with.   


Cost $225 per person

Upcoming Retreats 2020


Coming Home Within Myself, Yoga Retreat March 6-8

Spring YAR March 27 - 29