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April 2023

Well, we did it. We are now 1/3 of the way through the year and only 3 months out from Summer camps. I’m so excited to see what God does this summer.

However, as we come out of the doldrums of winter, camp has found itself faced with a financial crisis. At this time, we cannot afford to pay our employees who give so much of themselves to keep camp running. So we are asking for everyone involved with camp and who has been affected by this amazing place and the people who love it to donate to our pledge drive. These funds go directly to our monthly operating costs and will allow us keep our year round employees taken care of as well as start to focus on the development that needs to happen at camp.

Our current hope is that everyone involved with Camp Bethel would find $5.00 in their monthly budget. The easiest way to give is by going to our website and hitting the donate button, but you can also donate in person or via a mail in cash or check, just be sure to include a note that it is for our pledge drive.

And since you are giving up the equivalent of one cup of coffee, we have a very special gift. Every monthly donor will receive a joy shop punch card good for ten free drinks at the joy shop.


The other news at camp is that we are still grieving the loss of our dear friend and board member, Roy Spaulding. For those who do not know, after the fire, ten years ago, Roy generously gave up several years of his retirement to help us rebuild our lodge. But he did not stop there. As camp’s biggest supporter, Roy then spent the next three years helping to homefy the building and remodel our staff housing. We can never adequately express how thankful we are for him and his tireless spirit or how deeply we feel his loss.

Roy’s projects continue on though. Last fall, Roy and Bob Holcomb started working with the ABW of Olympia First Baptist to install our playground equipment. We have already broken ground on the new playground and hope to have it installed by Summer Camps.

In honor of all he did for us, Camp Bethel has renamed the chapel in our new lodge, Spaulding Hall. Thank you, Roy. And thank you to the Spaulding family for sharing him.


Upcoming Events Include:

Women’s Crafts and Care Retreat April 28-30

Women, all ages - $110/person

Memorial Day Work Weekend May 26-29

All Ages - No cost (donations highly encouraged)

ReadTreat June 23 - 25

All Ages- $110/person

Senior High Camp July 16-22

9th through Summer after graduation.

Junior High Camp July 23-29

6th through 8th

Elementary Camp July 30- August 3

3rd through 5th

Camp Prom August 19

All Ages

Senior Adult Camp September 11-14


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