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May/June 2023

Oops! Sat down to write the May newsletter and realized that tomorrow is June.

Halfway through the year! There is a lot we could say about 2023 so far. It certainly has come with it’s own unique set of challenges and battles. We are continueing to work through the financial difficulties the long winter left us in, but, as we come into summer, I am constantly reminded of our theme; Trust the Promise. This summer we are going to be looking at Exodus 6:6-8 in which God promises to free the Isrealites and to redeem them.

I believe God has set camp apart and redeemed it for a purpose and, no matter what difficulties we face, no one can close a door that God has opened. All we need to do is trust God to keep those promises.

However, I have always believed that trust is an action, not a feeling. It is one thing to say you trust someone and never put that trust into action and an entirely other thing to give up everything you have believing it will be returned to you. So, while we trust God to provide for this place that has been set apart for His work, we are also asking you, the people who love camp, for your help. We are asking that everyone in our community prayerfully consider donating $5.00 every month toward our operating costs by visiting and hitting the donate button.

We are trucking along, getting ready for camps. Shirts are being ordered, the grounds are being cleaned up, and our program directors are actively recruiting staff! What could be better? Maybe that we also have the great pleasure of hosting the American Baptist Women’s Conference this month, just after welcoming the Copalis Community Women last month. It is very exciting, getting to welcome new groups to this wonderful place we call Bethel. Not only do we get to host two women’s conferences, but we also get to welcome several new youth groups this summer and introduce a new retreat, the readtreat. It is going to be a busy summer.

This last week we had our Memorial Day Work Weekend. While the turnout was small, the work they did was huge. Not only did they clean up our grounds for the summer, but they also completely renovated our front garden and started work on restoring our volleyball pit. We could not ask for better volunteers and we cannot wait to show off all of their hard work.

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