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December 2022

Winter at camp!

I can't believed it snowed on the first day of December. What a cliche. But it is beautiful and makes camp feel really cozy.

We had a really fun and cozy November. We got to hang out with one of our favorite quilting groups at the beginning of the month, we had our annual budget meeting with the board, and then we got to spend Thanksgiving weekend with both the ABW Northwest and some of our young adults at two simultaneous retreats. It's such an incredible blessing to have two lodges again and be able to host two different retreats at once.

Speaking of our incredible board of directors and other volunteers and donors, we are so grateful to all of you for your support throughout the year, and we could use a little more. As we prepare for the challenges of 2023 we are asking that you prayerfully consider pledging to make us a part of your monthly tithe and give the gift of camp throughout the year. Giving the gift of camp for a whole new generation. I will be announcing the 2023 pledge drive theme and donor gifts in January.

Other ways you can support camp in the upcoming year is by donating any old camp photos and stories for our history wall, attending upcoming retreats (or booking your own group or family event), or by buying a retreat or joy shop punch card. That's right, for the next two months we are offering a special punch cards that you can buy that allows you to prepay for 5 retreats (any of our sponsored weekend retreats) at a discounted rate or to prepay for 10 coffee at our joy shop. Email for pricing and how to order. These punch cards will be available through January.

And we do have some good retreats coming up in the next couple of months.

Coming up:

The Women's Crafts and Care Retreart- December 9-11 ($85/person. An additional $60 if you book a massage)

New YARs Eve- December 30- January ($85/person).

This retreat is aimed at our young adults. Come celebrate the new year with us and help us send off our speaker as he prepares to go on a mission in Armenia.

The Readtreat- March 3-5 ($110/person)

Stay tuned because we will be announcing more retreats soon.

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